I’m horrible at organizing paperwork.  If I get a receipt for something, odds are it hits the trash vs the filing cabinet.  That can be a problem when you are talking about large purchases needing warranty, or when you are keeping records for vehicle maintenance.  So initially I just started snapping pictures using my camera phone.  The problem I quickly found was that my camera roll was now getting polluted with receipts and it was taking up a lot of extra space.

That is when I came across Scanner Pro from Readdle.  This little app turns your  camera phone into a handheld document scanner.  You can scan a document in colour, grey scale, or black and white.  Once scanned you can save as an image or a PDF document (I recommend).  It has a nice interface for picking out what areas to scan, and then an assortment of options of things to do with the scanned document once complete.  Recently they even added OCR functions.  It is a little quirky jumping in and our of scans, but take a look at the workflows, it makes it easy to set up common workflows for your scans (email this scan, file it in google drive, etc)

I now not only use this app to file receipts (I have it hooked to save them to my google drive automatically), but I also use it to quickly scan receipts that I need to submit to my insurance company for claims.  Need to send a paper recipe to a friend? Quickly scan it and email it off.

This guy won’t give you the quality of a fancy flatbed scanner at home, so I wouldn’t recommend it for scanning pictures, but if you are like me and do most of your scanning of documents, it is a must have in the toolkit.  I have it installed on my iPhone and iPad and you can get it from the itunes store for about $6.  Sorry non-iOS folks, I think this guy is only available on the iOS platform.  Luckily that is my platform of choice for mobile these days.

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