OK, the title may be a bit misleading….. I’m not really a New Year’s resolution kind of guy.  Waiting for a date on a calendar as a reason to set some arbitrary resolution you may or may not have any intention of keeping, just isn’t my style.  I do have a bit of something going on that may seem like a New Year’s resolution, but in reality the process started a while ago.  I’m working on improving me for the year and making 2017 an truly excellent year.

2016 was a bit of a struggle as some may know (I will share more about that in the future I’m sure), but things had been looking up health wise as the year went on.  Then in the fall of this year we got sent to a work presentation by Darci Lang entitled Focus on the 90%.  Generally I don’t get a lot out of the inspirational wellness speaker presentations, but this one was different.  Darci had a very simple but powerful message about focusing on the positive and not the negative, and carrying that idea into many aspects in your life.  If you havent seen her speak I highly recommend going.  It was a bit of a boost for me to start looking back at my tough 2016, picking out the positives and how I could make more of those in 2017.

So the first thing on my list is my health.  I want to be a better version of me, health wise.  I’ve always found gyms to be to intimidating for a beginner, and I’ve tried and failed to do the home workout thing.  I wanted this to be successful so I wanted to do it different.  So I ended up meeting with Andrea at Train for Life.  I see it as an investment in me.  I started out one on one with her 3 times a week and now I’ve moved into groups 2 times a week.  I did a fitness test to set a baseline where I was at and now I plan on working to get better.  So far it has been challenging, but in life, anything worth doing always is.  I’m so glad I found Andrea, she is keeping me focused and on point.

So that’s what is up with me.  I’m already starting to feel even better and I plan to be flying around the base paths this summer.

Stay happy my friends!  All for now – J

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