Doc Artisan Magnet Mount

If you have been following along, you would have already read my blog post about Stocard, software I use for managing all my rewards cards without carrying them in my wallet.  In that post I briefly talked about my iPhone Wallet case, the sport wallet from Doc Artisan.  Months later, I still love this wallet case.  It is high quality, has enough locations to hold my ID and a couple cards and a bit of cash.  It is a perfect way to minimize your pocket bloat.  The other thing I love is that the phone is held in this case via magnet, so it is simple to remove.

Cheapo Headrest Mount

It is this simple magnet mount that I became enamored with.  I bought their matching magnet mount to put in my car.  So when I get in the car, I pull the phone away from my wallet and tap it to the mount and off I go.  Super simple.  It is easy to rotate as you just pull the phone off and reattach on its side.  It is strong, I haven’t lost the phone driving in our Saskatchewan roadways.  It just works.  Since I loved it so much, I bought a second for the other vehicle and dropped a metal plate in Erin’s phone case so she too can use the mag mount.


Cheapo Ball Magnet Mount

Once I got these two mounts in the vehicle I got to thinking about the iPad.  When we travel, we somethings attach the iPad the headrest of the passenger seat so Cole can watch a show or two.  The cheap mount I bought at the time wasn’t’ great.  It didn’t fit around the child case we have on the iPad (a Snugg kids case, we highly recommend).  So it was a pain in the *ss to use.  Also, when the show ended or it was time to take it away, it was difficult for a person in the front seat to manage.  So I looked around for a magnet solution.  I didn’t find anything, but luckily most of these magnetic mounts you buy on ebay/aliexpress/etc are cheap and use the same magnet ball mount and the cheapo headrest one also used a ball mount.

Vtin 2 in 1

So I ordered a few the cheap magnet mounts like pictured for a project.  When they arrived, I found the ball mount matched, so I attached to my cheap head rest mount.  The idea was great, but the iPad with the metal plates attached was just a bit heavy for the mount.  Bumps caused the iPad to shift as you drove.  So I did a little engineering….  I took two of the magnet mounts, attached them to part of an old hockey stick and then mounted that to the headrest.  SUCCESS!  Now the iPad is stable inside its case and attached to the headrest.  And now if we need the iPad from the back seat, it is a simple grab and pull.  I loved the concept but the look was a little ugly.  I did finally find a dual head mount that matched my needs.  I ordered a from Vtin 2 in 1 mount from Amazon.  I removed the dual head from the suction mount and attached to the headrest mount and we are off and running!

Now I have a left over suction mount….. what to do with that?  Well I took the head off of the cheapo ball magnet mount I had purchased and attached to the suction cup.  This is now a desk mount for me.  I can tap my iPad or iPhone and it is mounted to my desk at perfect display angle!

Gone are the days of clamps or sleeves for devices for me.  Now when I have a device I want to mount, I just toss in on of the metal plates and it becomes compatible with my many mounts around the house and vehicles.  My next task is to build an under cabinet magnet mount so we can attach the iPad for recipe reading or music listening.

So if you are looking for a great mounting solution.  Look for the magnet.  And avoid the ones that require some special adapter attached to your device.  If it takes anything other than a thin metal plate, skip it.

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