It would be remiss of me to not take a moment to speak on the Darian Durant trade this past week. I’ll go on record as saying I don’t like it. I’m not even sure I understand it, and depending on the replacement, I may even hate it.

First off, if it was the Chris Jones’ stragegy to move on from DD, why do it so late? There is no reason he couldnt have moved on during the season when we were in the midst of another horrible season and DD had more trade value (I would assume) to a team trying to make a run. Instead he held on to Durant risked the off season we got. We also have no real good option internally ready to take over. There is a huge risk there. It appears as though the true desire may be the backup they have in Edmonton that doesnt happen to be a free agent. So are we going to give up big assets to get him (far more than we got in return for DD) or are we playing a year in limbo. If the latter, given CFL contracts arent guaranteed, we could have had DD for that one more year. I don’t even think he was asking an outragous amount, he would have been paid in the bottom tier of CFL QBs.

It was last year at this time the #ridernation had our heart ripped out by the departing Chick and Dressler. I love them both, but those made a bit more sense. The contracts were just too outrageous to keep. I love Dressler to pieces, but I know he doesnt fit the Chris Jones style, and at his point in his career you have to think about finding alternatives. You can’t say the Riders didn’t find suitably replacements at receiver. Chick is a tougher pill to swallow as he is still playing at a very high level, we haven’t found a good replacement, but he just made to much that we couldn’t keep him. Again, both made some sense. But DD wasn’t making a huge amount of money for a QB, so I don’t see why this wasn’t done, and done much earlier in the season.  Even if a 1 year stop gap to let him open the new stadium and get us to Franklin time, if that is indeed the plan.

I still am unsure how DD in Montreal works out. They were in cap trouble last year so I don’t see how they can pay the ask, but we shall see. I do think out East that DD is gonna make that team very competitive this season. But with Reed in charge, I expect personal issues to start showing up very quickly. With Kavis running personnel, I just don’t see it.

Which takes me back to the Riders and the guy currently in charge of the Riders, Chris Jones. With this move, I think he has officially put a clock on his time with the Riders. If they don’t make playoffs this year, I think they have to consider a change, regardless the expense. It may even spell the end for Reynolds.  The CFL is a 9 team league and only 3 teams DON’T make playoffs. Long term rebuilds aren’t a necessity. Shipping off the big names is less of a big deal if you replace them, but I haven’t seen us do a great job of that. I keep hearing about how successful Jones is and we have to be patient, but to be accurate you must say that he has been success as a coach. As a GM, he is a rookie, and so far… we are still finding out how successful he will be.

I’m still trying to be positive about the new regime, and I’m hopeful they have a plan. But after the move last week, at least at QB, I have no idea what that plan is. And for a team that seems to chew up and spit out QBs, I’m worried about the future.

Another tough off season in Ridernation. Thanks for the Grey Cup Doubles. My favourite memory will always be the Western Semi Final game vs the BC Lions. You took the team on your back and pretty much won the game on your own.

All for now,

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