Well, we took the opportunity to sneak out of town for a few days on the long weekend.  We packed up and headed to my folk’s place at Little Bear Lake.  It sounds like we picked a good weekend as the weather there was great and by the sounds of things, not so good here at home.

Erin brought the camera, so we braved the bugs (I’ve never seen it so bad) and got an updated family photo.  It has been a few years since the Francais clan has been convinced to all step in front of the camera, and us boys generally need to be dragged kicking and screaming to get there.  With the bugs being so bad, this time was no exception.  Luckily my wife is a brave and patient soul and she was able to make some fantastic lemonade with us lemons.


The second bit of fun this weekend was the quadding.  In the past Cole hasn’t wanted to go anywhere near them.  The weekend looked like it was going to be the same, but I convinced him to sit with dad and start it up.  The noise wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be, so I convinced him to go for a bit of a drive down the driveway as long as grandma was beside us.  Well that was all it took.  Now he is hooked.  We did 4-5 little tours on the quad this weekend, all going a littler further and a little faster.  (By the end….. go faster Daddy, go faster!)  So I think we will have to hunt for a better helmet and two up seat for more adventures to come.

So in all, it was a nice weekend to get away and relax.  I hope you had a great one as well


PS – Oh ya, the car sold.  That happened much faster than I was expecting.  So this week I get down to car hunting again.  Wish me luck!

PPS – The nice looking pictures, those I can’t take credit for.  My wife Erin handled those, isn’t she talented?  credit Finelite Photography & Design

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