I’m not afraid to admit from time to time we let Cole watch some TV.  I have a bunch of shows available for him to watch.  Lego movie is one of his favorites.  He likes the bad guys, he likes to shoot stuff.  It is one of the reasons I’m sooooo happy we came across Shaun the Sheep……

"First Try!"

First Try!

A few months ago, the Broadway Theatre was doing a free afternoon matinee showing of the Lego movie.  We had talked about taking Cole to his first theatre experience but hadn’t yet.  This seemed like great timing, we can take him to a free show, one he is familiar with, and give it a try.  We got there and of course wanting the full movie theatre experience, I hit the popcorn line.  It was long.  Looooooooong.  So while Cole and Erin lounged in the theatre chairs anticipating the start, I handle the popcorn/liquorice duties.  While in line, I got to chatting with the lady in front of me and her son, and we were sharing movie experiences.  She told me his first movie experience was not long ago and she had taken him to the Shaun the Sheep movie.  He loved it…. I had never heard of it.  So I figured, what the heck, I’ll give it a try.  Fast forward… popcorn, liquorice, bad cop, good cop, batman, “First Try!”, kragle, movie ends and everyone goes happy.  First movie experience went great.

Shaun the SheepLater, I go to work and locate Shaun the Sheep, the movie.  I found out a few things….. it is claymation and the movie is based off of a TV series, which is a spin off of another famous TV series, Wallace and Grommit.  Great…. more stuff to *locate*…. if we like it that is.  So we fired it up and it was a huge hit.  Cole loves it, and requests it often.  The premise is about some mischievous sheep on a farm and in the latest plan happen to get the sheep owner lost in the city with amnesia.  A rescue ensues.  It is fun, has some catchy tunes, no talking (great for a background show to occupy while visiting) and is very family friendly.  No shooting, no guns, enough inside parental humour to keep us interested.  An all around win.  We have since watched a bunch of the TV Series, and they all fall into the same realm.

So if you are looking for a fun family show that you can watch with the young ones, give Shaun the Sheep a try.  Hopefully your household will enjoy it as much as we do.  Maybe it will become the new favourite movie….. well….. until Lego Batman of course.

Batman Out.

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