My fitness playlist #100playlistchallenge

My fitness playlist #100playlistchallenge

If you have been following my social feed, you will have noticed I joined a new gym recently (Anytime Fitness in Warman). I have made of a habit of checking in on Facebook when I hit the gym and post the off selfie when I’m putting in the work. Sorry if that fills up your feed, but for me, it helps keep me motivated.

Previously I was seeing a personal trainer but circumstances changed a bit so I was looking for a different challenge. This has been my first gym membership. I figured I’d give it a go solo for a while until my busy summer schedule is done and then I would decide if I wanted to take up personal training or group training at the gym. So far I’m really enjoying it. The gym is clean, not too busy (depending on the time of day) and the staff is fantastic. It is very affordable and an added perk is that I can go to this gym or any other anytime fitness location 24/7. I have a bit of a routine now where I hit the treadmill for half a session and then either the free weights or the machines for the other half. The staff even gave me a walk through of all the equipment to show me how everything works.

On of the programs they have at the gym to keep you motivated is the 100 workout challenge. Every time you hit the gym you mark in the book and at certain levels you get some prizing. I starting marking that as well, with my goal deadline of spring next year.

The other thing that gets me going in the gym is music. I need to have my headphones on when I’m working out. As I mentioned previously, I’m a Spotify guy, so I am always browsing and trying new playlists to keep my moving in the gym. My music tastes are all over the map, so it gave me an idea. I’m going to build myself a great workout playlist as I go with my 100 workout challenge. Each workout, when I find that one song that got me over the hump, I’m going to add it to my playlist. At the end of my 100 workout challenge, I’m going to have a playlist full of songs that will be a perfect workout soundtrack for me. I’m calling this my #100playlistchallenge.

Rather than posting every time I add a new song, I have made my playlist public. Click the image below or take a picture with your Spotify app and you can follow my progress as I add new tunes. And if you build your own playlist that you want to share, drop me a line and I will add it to my rotation. And if you happen to see me in Anytime Fitness, make sure to say hello.

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