Wet Shaving…. One Month in

Wet Shaving…. One Month in

First off, Happy Birthday to my lovely wife.  I’m a pretty lucky guy, still not quite sure how I won her over.  She is an amazing mom, wife, friend and person.  She spoils me, puts up with me, encourages my passions and puts up with my sh*t.  Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how lucky I am.

So, I’m a month in to my wet shave journey and I’m really getting in to it.   Since getting my initial kit from Shave Valet I have steadily added to my gear.  Knowing that during my travels I would have the most time to enjoy a wet shave, I wanted to build a travel kit to take with me.  I hopped on Etsy and found FrugalShave.  He does 3D printed wet shave gear.  I picked up a travel tin (about the size of an altoids tin) that holds my razor and a few blades.  I also grabbed a travel brush with case and a blade dryer to keep the sharps away from Cole.  They were great additions, I highly recommend checking him out.

Then I joined a Facebook group called the Canadian Wet-Shavers.  It is a great group of enthusiastic wet shavers across the country.  Quite often people will post a Shave of the Day with the soap/blade/razor/pre-shave/-post-shave.  There are lots of tips and great information to be found.  Members are always posting items for sale and trade.  There I picked up another razor (Rockwell 6c with multi plates for adjustable shave) so I could leave my RazoRock 3 piece open comb in the travel case.  I also have grabbed a few new soaps, which is already becoming a bit of a problem 😛

That is also part of the fun, there are TONNES of artisan shave products available.  Unique scents and product lines that will cover ever taste and mood.  So far some of my favs are Proraso Green (cooling old school cream), RazoRock Emperor (a cool manly scent), RazoRock Classic (sweet almond/marzipan),  Italian Barber Amici (Amber/GrapeFruit) , and Henri et Victoria Cognac and Cuban Cigars (think Poker night with the boys).  The soaps stick with you for the shave and often they have a matching aftershave that will linger a bit longer.

And lastly, to add to my collection, my lovely wife made me a few lather bowls (photos also by my lovely wife at finelite.ca).  These are awesome for working up that lather with your brush.  They also look fantastic.  Check out her fantastic pottery work.  Told you I was a lucky husband 🙂

If this looks interesting to you, check out Shave Valet and ask him about it.  Shahan is fantastic and will tell you everything you need to know to get started.  In fact, tonight he is having another free intro class, a great opportunity to get you started.  And if you live in Saskatoon, he will deliver your purchases right to you.  Talk about customer service!

We are planning a meet up soon to have a beverage, talk shaving, and probably trade some goodies.  Get started today and maybe you could join us!

Happy Shaving – J


The Old School Shave Experience

The Old School Shave Experience

I’ve always been interested in the *old school shave*.  I’m pretty sure I stumbled across a safety razor at my grandparents when I was young and it stuck with me.  I remember Dad having old westerns on and the hero would bring out a blade/strap and get to work.  Recently the warm towel shave has seen a bit of a renaissance with salons, even further sparking my interest.

A little over a year ago, my wife sent me for a warm towel shave as a gift.  It was at a reputable shop, with very experienced staff in the craft.  (be very choosy about whom you let shave your face or you risk a very uncomfortable experience that may ruin you on the art)  It was a nice experience, a pretty decent shave, although not the best-shave-ever experience I was expecting.  It was nice to have a bit of manly pampering.  But at the cost, it sure wasn’t something I was going to be able to do regularly, so I continue on, using the trusty Shick Quatro and thinking about that old school experience.

Fast forward to a year later, and I came across a post on my social feed from Shave Valet.  He was offering an intro to Wet Shaving class.  Here was my chance to delve a little deeper into the old school shave.  I signed up and made my way to the class.  There I was greeted my Shahan, the mastermind behind shavevalet.ca.  Now here is a guy that is passionate about the wet shave experience.  If there was anything you wanted to know about the old school wet shave, Shahan is your guy.  Unfortunately for him he had a few no shows that evening, but for me, I got my own individual training class.  It was great, I learned about the history, the benefits, the gear, the experience…. and even the community.  Yes there is a very loyal wet shaving community that is growing all the time.

I got to see all his fantastic products.  He sources only great gear that he has tried, experienced, and would stand behind.  His collection of artisan shave soaps is pretty stunning.  I can see how this could become a problem 🙂  After absolutely zero sales pressure (Shahan is just genuinely happy to share his passion and his side hustle), I started eyeing up the gear that would be mine.  Shahan has curated a couple of great starter kits, everything you need to get started; razor, blades, brush, soap, alum and blade bank, all for a great price.  He even let me swap out a couple things I wanted to upgrade by paying the difference.  I opted for his Boar Shave Kit ($50) which included 40 assorted blades, a boar hair brush, alum stick, blade blank, an Italian Barber Amici shave soap and I paid a couple bucks extra to upgrade to a RazoRock 3 piece open comb razor safety razor.  I also added a styptic pencil (for any knicks) and a chrome brush/razor stand.  I thanked him for his time and was on my way.

That weekend, I put the time aside to have my first old school shave.  It was great.  The experience of whipping up a great lather in the bowl, using a brush to apply to making that first pass, I was hooked.  It instantly made me think of my Grandpa Siwy the barber, wishing I had a chance to share the experience with him before he passed.  It has me thinking about passing this on to my son when that time comes.  Now I would be lying if I said it was the best shave I ever had.  I suffered a few knicks and a bit of razor burn along the way.  But I was undeterred.  I knew that would be gone with experience.  And I was right.  I’m now several shaves in and I’m pretty much done with the knicks.  I am better in tune with the growth pattern of my face and am aware of the bad habits I developed with the cartridge razor I was using.  With that knowledge, I now experience the best shaves ever.

It is still more time consuming than my work day ritual allows.  I’m getting quicker every go, but I’m still using the cartridge razor on work days and saving the luxury experience for the weekends.  I know there will be a tipping point when I completely make the switch.  But until then I’m just enjoying the experience and doing all I can to resist matching Shahan with his awesome collection of supplies.  I already have a bit of a favourite when it comes to blades and I’m already thinking of picking up some more soap and gear to take with me on the road.  I still want to get a straight razor/strap and give that a try next.  That seems a bit less intimidating now.

If you are interested in the old school shave, check out shavevalet.ca.  Drop Shahan a line, he will gladly answer any questions you have.  If he has a class open up, sign up and attend.  You won’t be disappointed.  And if you are lucky enough to be in Saskatoon, he will even deliver your supplies to you!  Maybe you too can share the experience with your Dad/Grandpa and pass it on to your future generations.

All for now,


PS – my attempt at photos didn’t do the product justice, so again I enlisted the help of my wife Erin from finelite.ca to photograph for me.  All the credit goes to her for the great product shots.

PPS – she is also a potter in her spare time and I have commissioned my own custom lather bowl.  I’ll post an update when it is complete.

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